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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's 70-Year Archive of Symposia on Quantitative Biology

The CSH Symposia

The double helix, the genetic code, jumping genes, the PCR technique, the human genome project, RNA interference ... These and hundreds of other important advances in biology were announced, debated, and distilled at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposia. These meetings, held each year on tranquil grounds of one of the world's leading research institutes, have been notable events in biomedical research since 1933.

The Symposia Archive Online

Now this essential archive, dating from 1933 to 2003, is going online, and will include the following highly influential volumes:

The first time I went to the United States was in 1953 ... to the Cold Spring Harbor symposium where Jim Watson described in detail his model of double helix. All these symposia were extremely important. I think Cold Spring Harbor was one of the birthplaces of molecular biology.   — Francois Jacob

Purchase the CSH Symposia Archive

Available in October 2008, this essential online resource will be hosted on the HighWire platform, and accessible via IP address.

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