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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1953:   Viruses, Vol. XVIII

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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DELBRÜCK, M. Introductory remarks about the program    1
VIRUS IN THE VEGETATIVE STATE ANDITS MATURATION DOERMANN, A. H. The vegetative state in the life cycle of bacteriophage: evidence for its occurrence, and its genetic characterization    3 LEVINTHAL, C. Recombination in phage: its relationship to heterozygosis and growth    13 FRASER, DOROTHY, and DULBECCO, R. A genetic analysis of the factors controlling the h character in bacteriophage T3    15 APPLEBY, J. CHRISTINE. Genetic recombination experiments with influenza virus    19 BURNET, F. M., and LIND, PATRICIA, E. Influenza virus recombination: experiments using the de-embryonated egg technique    21 HIRST, G. K. Intracellular reactions between two types of influenza virus    25 LEVINTHAL, C., and FISHER, H. W. Maturation of phage and the evidence of phage precursors    29 HENLE, WERNER. Developmental cycles in animal viruses    35SANDERS, F. K. Evidence of a multiplication cycle in mouse encephalomyelitis virus    45 MARAMOROSCH, KARL. Do developmental stages occur in the reproductive cycle of aster-yellows virus?    51 SCHLESINGER, R. WALTER. The relation of functionally deficient forms of influenza virus to viral development    55 MELNICK, JOSEPH L., and GAYLORD, WILLIAM H. Intracellular development of pox viruses    61 PROVIRUS BERTANI, G. Lysogenic versus lytic cycle of phage multiplication    65LIEB, MARGARET. Studies on lysogenization in Escherichia coli    71HAYES, W. The mechanism of genetic recombination in Escherichia coli    75 APPLEYARD, R. K. Segregation of lambda lysogenicity during bacterial recombination in E. coli K -12    95 DELAMATER, EDWARD D. The mitotic mechanism in bacteria    99 THE TRANSITION FROM PROVIRUS TO VEGETATIVE VIRUS JACOB, FRANÇOIS, and WOLLMAN, ELIE L. Induction of phage development in lysogenic bacteria    101 WATSON, J. D., and CRICK, F. H. C. The structure of DNA    123 WYATT, G. R. The quantitative composition of deoxypentose nucleic acids as related to the newly proposed structure    133 THE TRANSITION FROM THE INFECTIVE TO THE VEGETATIVE STATE HERSHEY, A. D., Functional differentation within particles of bacteriopage T2    35 MARKHAM, ROY. Chemistry of some functional components of viruses    141 PUCK, THEODORE T. The first steps of virus invasion    149

WEIDEL, OLFHARD. Phage receptor systems of E. coli B    155


LANNI, FRANK, and LANNI, YVONNE THERY. Antigenic structure of bacteriophage    159

SCHÄFFER, WERNER, and MUNK, KLAUS. Studies on the complement-fixing antigen of the fowl plague virus    169

LARK, KARL G., and ADAMS, MARK H. The stability of phages as a function of the ionic environment    171

WILLIAMS, ROBLEY C. The shapes and sizes of purified viruses as determined by electron microscopy    185

ANDERSON, THOMAS F. The morphology and osmotic properties of bacteriophage systems    197

JESAITIS, MARGERIS, and GOEBEL, W AL THER F. The interaction between T4 phage and the specific lipocarbohydrate of phase II Sh. sonnei    205


KOZLOFF, LLOYD M. Origin and fate of bacteriophage material    207

COHEN, SEYMOUR S. Studies on controlling mechanisms in the metabolism of virus-infected bacteria    221


BOWEN, G. H. Studies of ultraviolet irratation phenomena--an approach to the problems of bacteriophage reproduction    245

STENT, GUNTHER. Mortality due to radioactive phosphorus as an Index to bacteriophage development    255

ZINDER, NORTON D. Infective heredity in bacteria    261

BARON, L. S. Genetic transfer by means of Vi Phage lysates    271


DULBECCO, RENATO, and VOGT, MARGUERITE. Some problems of animal virology as studied by the plague technique    273

YOUNGNER, J. S. Some observations on the behavior of poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture    281

SYVERTON, JEROME T., and SCHERER, WILLIAM F. Applications of strains of mammalian cells to the study of animal viruses    285

FENNER, FRANK. Host parasite relationships in myxomatosis of the Australian wild rabbit    291