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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1961:   Cellular Regulatory Mechanisms, Vol. XXVI

Organizer: Arthur Chovnick


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Foreword    v
List of Previous Volumes    vi Photographs of Some Participants    viiList of Those Attending the Symposium    ix OPENING ADDRESSDAVIS, B. D. The, Teleonomic Significance of Biosynthetic Control Mechanisms    1 THE ROLE OF DNA IN PROTEIN SYNTHESIS YANOFSKY, C., D. R. HELINSKI, AND B. D. MALING. The Effects of Mutation on the Composition and Properties of the A Protein of Escherichia coli Tryptophan Synthetase    11 STREISINGER, G., F. MUKAI, W. J. DREYER, B. MILLER, AND S. HORIUCHI. Mutations Affecting the Lysozyme of Phage T4    25 SIGNER, E. R., A. TORRIANI, AND C. LEVINTHAL. Gene Expression in Intergeneric Merozygotes    31 SUEOKA, N. Compositional Correlation between Deoxyribonucleic Acid and Protein    35 THE CONTROL OF NUCLEIC ACID SYNTHESIS MAALØE, O. The Control of Normal DNA Replication in Bacteria    45 SCHAECHTER, M. Patterns of Cellular Control during Unbalanced Growth    53 NEIDHARDT, F. C., AND D. G. FRAENKEL. Metabolic Regulation of RNA Synthesis in' Bacteria    63 THE ROLE OF DNA IN RNA SYNTHESIS SPIEGELMAN, S. The Relation of Informational RNA to DNA    75 HURWITZ, J., J. J. FURTH, M. ANDERS, P. J. ORTIZ, AND J. T. AUGUST. The Enzymatic Incorporation of Ribonucleotides into RNA and the Role of DNA    91 THE ROLE OF RNA IN PROTEIN SYNTHESIS BRENNER, S. RNA, Ribosomes, and Protein Synthesis    101 GROS, F., W. GILBERT, H. H. HIATT, G. ATTARDI, P. F. SPAHR, AND J. D. WATSON. Molecular and Biological Characterization of Messenger RNA    111 NOVELLI, G. D., T. KAMEYAMA, AND J. M. EISENSTADT. The Nature of the System Catalyzing the Synthesis of Induced b-Galactosidase    133 NISMAN, B., R. COHEN, A. KAYSER, H. FUKUHARA, J. DEMAILLY, C. GENIN, AND D. GIRON. Specific Protein Synthesis in Subcellular Systems of Escherichia coli    145 HOAGLAND, M. Some Factors Influencing Protein Synthetic Activity in a Cell-Free Mammalian System    153 PLESNER, P. Changes in Ribosome Structure and Function during Synchronized Cell Division    159 REGULATION OF ENZYME SYNTHESIS VOGEL, H. J. Aspects of Repression in the Regulation of Enzyme Synthesis: Pathway-wide Control and Enzyme-specific Response    163 GORINI, L., W. GUNDERSEN, AND M. BURGER. Genetics of Regulation of Enzyme Synthesis in the Arginine Biosynthetic Pathway of Escherichia coli    173 MAAS, W. K. Studies on Repression of Arginine Biosynthesis in Escherichia coli    183 JACOB, F. AND J. MONOD. On the Regulation of Gene Activity    193 BUTTIN, G. Some Aspects of Regulation in the Synthesis of the Enzymes Governing Galactose Metabolism    213

YARMOLINSKY, M. B., E. JORDAN, AND H. WIESMEYER. Regulatory Mechanisms in the Synthesis of Enzymes of Galactose Metabolism. I. Coordinate Repression and De-Repression of the "Galactose Sequence."    217

KALCKAR, H. AND T. A. SUNDARARAJAN. Regulatory Mechanisms in the Synthesis of Enzymes of Galactose Metabolism. II. Genetic Defects in Galactokinase Activity and Their Relations to its Functions    227

HOROWITZ, N. H., M. FLING, H. MACLEOD, AND Y. WATANABE. Structural and Regulative Genes Controlling Tyrosinase Synthesis in Neurospora    233

NOVICK, A. AND a'. HORIUCHI. Hyper-Production of b-Galactosidase by Escherichia coli Bacteria    239HORIUCHI, T. AND A. NOVICK. A Thermolabile Repression System    247

MAGASANIK, B. Catabolite Repression    249

KORNBERG, H. L. Selective Utilization of Metabolic Routes by Escherichia coli    257

ENGLESBERG, E., J. A. WATSON, AND P. A. HOFFEE. The Glucose Effect and the Relationship between Glucose Permease, Acid Phosphatase, and Glucose Resistance    261


HOLZER, H. Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism by Enzyme Competition    277

CHANCE, B. Control Characteristics of Enzyme Systems    289


UMBARGER, H. E. Feedback Control by Endproduct Inhibition    301

CHANGEUX, J. The Feedback Control Mechanism of Biosynthetic L-Threonine Deaminase by L-Isoleucine    313

STADTMAN, E. R., G. N. COHEN, G. LE BRAS, AND H. DE ROBICHON-SZULMAJSTER. Selective Feedback Inhibition and Repression of Two Aspartokinases in the Metabolism of Escherichia coli    319

MOYED, H. S. Interference with Feedback Control of Enzyme Activity    323


TOMKINS, G. M. AND K. L. YIELDING. Regulation of the Enzymic Activity of Glutamic Dehydrogenase Mediated by Changes in its Structure    331

MARKS, P. A. Glucose-6P Dehydrogenase Stability, Activation, and Inactivation    343

RALL, T. W. AND E. W. SUTHERLAND. The Regulatory Role of Adenosine-3', 5'-phosphate    347

POTTER, V. R. AND T. ONO. Enzyme Patterns in Rat Liver and Morris Hepatoma 5123 During Metabolic Transitions    355

SCHIMKE, R. T. Studies on Adaptation of Urea Cycle Enzymes in the Rat    363

HIATT, H. H. AND T. B. BOJARSKI. The Effects of Thymidine Administration on Thymidylate Kinase Activity and on DNA Synthesis in Mammalian Tissues    367

PITOT, H. C. AND Y. S. CHO. Studies on the Mechanism of Enzyme Induction' in Rat Liver    371

BAKEMEIER, R. A Possible Cellular Explanation of the Multiplicity of Steroid Reductases    379


MONOD, J. AND JACOB, F. Teleonomic Mechanism in Cellular Metabolism, Growth, and Differentiation    389