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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1976:   Origins of Lymphocyte Diversity, Vol. XLI

Organizer: J.D. Watson


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Symposium Participants    vForeword    xvIntroductionThe Common Sense of Immunology N. K. Jerne    1LYMPHOCYTE FUNCTIONT-cell Markers and DifferentiationThymopoietin and Bursopoietin: Induction Signals Regulating Early Lympho- cyte Differentiation G. Goldstein, M. Scheid, E. A. Boyse, A. Brand and D. G. Gilmour    5Normal and Neoplastic Maturation of T-lineage Lymphocytes I. L. Weissman, S. Baird, R. L. Gardner, V. E. Papaioannou and W. Raschke    9Regulation of Cellular and Humoral Immune Responses by T-cell Subclasses H. Cantor and E. A. Boyse    23Surface Markers and Functional Relationships of Cells Involved in Murine B-lymphocyte Differentiation L. A. Herzenberg, L. A. Herzenberg, S. J. Black, M. R. Loken, K. Okumura, W. van der Loo, B. A. Osborne, D. Hewgill, J. W. Goding, G. Gutman and N. L. Warner    33An Unusual Kappa Immunoglobulin Antigen Present on the Membrane of T and B Lymphocytes A. B. Gottlieb, M. Engeihard, H. G. Kunkel and S. M. Fu    47 Rat Thy-i Antigens from Thymus and Brain: Their Tissue Distribution, Purifica- tion, and Chemical Composition A. F. Williams, A. N. Barclay, M. Letarte- Muirhead and R. J. Morris    51Specialized DNA Polymerases in Lymphoid Cells D. Baltimore, A. E. Silverstone, P. C. Kung, T. A. Harrison and R. P. MeCaifrey    63Studies on the Interactions between Viruses and Lymphocytes B. R. Bloom, A. Senik, G. Stoner, G. Ju, M. Nowakowski, S. Kano and L. Jimenez    73

Helper and Suppressor T Cells and Their Products

The Hermaphrocyte: A Suppressor-Helper T Cell R. K. Gershon, D. D. Eardley, K. F. Naidorf and W. Ptak    85

Suppressor T Cells in Tolerance to Non-self and Self Antigens A. Basten, R. Lob- lay, E. Chin, R. Callard and H. Pritchard -Briscoe 93

Tolerance: Two Pathways of Negative Immunoregulation in Contact Sensitivity to DNFB H. N. Claman, S. D. Miller and J. W. Moorhead    105

Current Concepts of the Antibody Response: Heterogeneity of Lymphoid Cells, Interactions, and Factors M. Feldmann, P. Beverley, P. Erb, S. Howie, S. Kontiainen, A. Maoz, M. Mat hies, I. McKenzie and J. Woody    113

Suppressive and Enhancing T-cell Factors as I-region Gene Products: Propertiesand the Subregion Assignment T. Tada, M. Taniguchi and C. S. David    119

B-cell Differentiation and Commitment

In Vitro Studies on the Generation of Lymphocyte Diversity J. J. T. Owen, R. K. Jordan, J. H. Robinson, U. Singh and H. N. A. Willcox    129

Studies of Generation of B-cell Diversity in Mouse, Man, and Chicken M. D. Cooper, J. F. Kearney, P. M. Lydyard, C. E. Grossi and A. R. Lawton    139

Ontogeny of Murine B Lymphocytes: Development of Ig Synthesis and of Reac- ivities to Mitogens and to Anti-Ig Antibodies F. Melchers, J. Andersson and R. A. Phillips    147

Development and Modulation of B Lymphocytes: Studies on Newly Formed B Cells and Their Putative Precursors in the Hemopoietic Tissues of Mice M. C. Raff    159

Induction of Immunoglobulin Synthesis in Abelson Murine Leukemia Virus- transformed Mouse Lymphoma Cells in Culture B. J. Weimann    163

The Interplay of Evolution and Environment in B-cell Diversification N. R. Klinman, N. H. Sigal, E. S. Metcalf S. K. Pierce and P. J. Gearhart    165

Synthesis of Multiple Immunoglobulin Classes by Single Lymphocytes B. Per- nis, L. Forni and A. L. Lu