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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1984:   Recombination at the DNA Level, Vol. XLIX

Organizer: Amar J. S. Klar and Jeffrey N. Strathern


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Symposium Participants    vii
Foreword    xixIntroductionThe DNA Enzymology of Protein Machines B.M. Alberts    1Chromosomal MechanicsOrigins of Gene Conversion and Reciprocal Exchange in Ascobolus J.-L. Rossignol, A. Nicholas, H. Hamza, and T. Langin    13Meiotic Roles of Crossing-over and of Gene Conversion A. T. C. Carpenter    23Interallelic and Intergenic Conversion in Three Serine tRNA Genes of Schizosac- charomyces pombe J. Kohli, P. Munz, R. Aebi, H. Amstutz, C. Gysler, W. -D. Heyer, L. Lehmann, P. Schuchert, P. Szankasi, P. Thuriaux, U. Leupold, J. Bell, V. Gamulin, H. Hottinger, D. Pearson, and D. Söll    31Recombination in Saceharomyces cerevisiae: REC-gene Mutants and DNA-binding Proteins M. S. Esposito, J. Hosoda, J. Golin, H. Moise, K. Bjornstad, and D. Maleas    41Measurement of Restoration and Conversion: Its Meaning for the Mismatch Repair Hypothesis of Conversion P. J. Hastings    49Yeast SystemsMeiotic Gene Conversion Mediates Gene Amplification in Yeast S. Fogel, J. W. Welch, and E.J. Louis    55Physical Monitoring of Meiotic Recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae R.H. Borts, M. Lichten, M. Hearn, L.S. Davidow, and J.E. Haber    67Involvement of Double-strand Chromosomal Breaks for Mating-type Switching in Saccharomyces cerevisiae A.J.S. Klar, J.N. Strathern, and J.A. Abraham    77The Product of the HO Gene Is a Nuclease: Purification and Characterization of the Enzyme R. Kostriken and F. Heifron    89Directionality and Regulation of Cassette Substitution in Yeast R.E. Jensen and I. Herskowitz    97The Role of DNA Replication in the Repression of the Yeast Mating-type Silent Loci A.M. Miller, R. Sternglanz, and K.A. Nasmyth    105Kinetics and Intermediates of Yeast Mitochondrial DNA Recombination A.R. Zinn and R.A. Butow    115Mammalian Homologous RecombinationAnalysis of Homologous Recombination in Cultured Mammalian Cells K. Folger, K. Thomas, and M.R. Capecchi    123Homologous Recombination in Mouse L Cells F.-L. Lin, K. Sperle, and N. Stern- berg    139The Recombination and Integration of DNAs Introduced into Mouse L Cells D.A. Brenner, S. Kato, R.A. Anderson, A.C. Smigocki, and R.D. Camerini-Otero    151Homologous Recombination with DNA Introduced into Mammalian Cells O. Smi- thies, M.A. Koralewski, K.-Y. Song, and R.S. Kucherlapati    161Homologous Recombination between Defective neo Genes in Mouse 3T6 Cells A.J.H. Smith and P. Berg    171Homologous Recombination between Repeated Chromosomal Sequences in Mouse Cells R.M. Liskay, J.L. Stachelek, and A. Letsou    183Homologous Recombination in Monkey Cells and Human Cell-free Extracts R. S. Kucherlapati, D. Ayares, A. Hanneken, K. Noonan, S. Rauth, J.M. Spencer, L. Wallace, and P.D. Moore    191TransposonsOrigin of Cryptic l Prophages in Escherichia coli K-12 R.J. Redfield and A.M. Campbell    199

Functional Difference of the Two Ends of Insertion Sequence IS1 in Transposition and Cointegration K. Ishizaki and E. Ohtsubo    207

Transposon Tn5: Specific Sequence Recognition and Conservative Transposition D.E. Berg, J. Lodge, C. Sasakawa, D.K. Nag, S.H. Phadn is, K. Weston-Hafer, and G.F. Cane    215

Site-specific Recombination in Transposition and Plasmid Stability D. Sherratt, P. Dyson, M. Boocock, L. Brown, D. Summers, G. Stewart, and P. Chan    227

Mechanism and Regulation of Tnl0 Transposition N. Kieckner, D. Morisato, D. Roberts, and J. Bender    235

Resolvase-mediated Recombination Intermediates Contain a Serine Residue Co- valently Linked to DNA R.R. Reed and C.D. Moser    245

Replicative and Conservative Transpositional Recombination of the Insertion Sequences T.A. Weinert, K. Derbyshire, F.M. Hughson, and N.D.F. Grindley    251


Mapping and Properties of the gam and sot Genes of Phage Mu: Their Possible Roles in Recombination J. Akroyd, B. Barton, P. Lund, S. Maynard Smith, K. Sul tana, and N. Symonds    261

Analysis of the Regulation of the Transposition Functions of Bacteriophage Mu by Using Gene Fusions T.A. Patterson, K.A. Martin, and A.I. Bukhari    267

Nonreplicative DNA Transposition: Integration of Infecting Bacteriophage Mu R.M. Harshey    273

Transposition of Bacteriophage Mu DNA: Expression of the A and B Proteins from lPL and Analysis of Infecting Mu DNA G. Chaconas, G. Gloor, J.L. Miller, D.L. Kennedy, E.B. Giddens, and C.R. Nagainis    279

Substrate and Enzyme Requirements for In Vitro Site-specific Recombination in Bac- teriophage Mu R. Kahmann, F. Rudt, and G. Mertens    285

Inversion of DNA In Vivo and In Vitro by Gin and Pin Proteins R.H.A. Plasterk and P. van de Putte    295

Comparative Analysis of Invertible DNA in Phage Genomes D. Kamp, E. Kardas, W. Ritthaler, R. Sandulache, R. Schumucker, and B. Stern    301

Programming of DNA Rearrangements Involving Mu Phrophages J.A. Shapiro and P.M. Brinkley    313

Plant Transposons/T4 Recombination

Endogenous Transposable Elements Associated with Virus Infection in Maize S.L. Dellaporta, P.S. Chomet, J.P. Mottinger, J.A. Wood, S.-M. Yu, and J.B. Hicks    321

Transposable Elements Ac and Ds at the Shrunken, Waxy, and Alcohol Dehydroge- nase 1 Loci in Zea mays L U. Courage, H.-P. Döring, W.-B. Frommer, R. Kunze, Laird, A. Merckelbach, M. Muller-Neumann, J. Riegel, P. Starlinger, E. Till-mann, E. Weck, W. Werr, and J. Yoder    329

Isolation of Spin Controlling Elements from Maize N. Fedoroff, M. Shure, S. Kelly,M. Johns, D. Furtek, J. Schiefelbein, and O. Nelson    339

Insertion and Excision of Ds Controlling Elements in Maize W. J. Peacock, E. S.Dennis, W.L. Gerlach, M.M. Sachs, and D. Schwartz    347

Transposable Elements in Antirrhinum majus and Zea mays H. Saedler, U. Bonas,A. Gierl, B.J. Harrison, R.B. Klösgen, E. Krebbers, P. Nevers, P.A. Peterson,Z. Schwarz-Sommer, H. Sommer, K. Upadhyaya, and U. Wienand    355

The Use of Affinity Chromatography to Study Proteins Involved in Bacteriophage T4 Genetic Recombination T. Formosa and B.M. Alberts    363

On the Role of DNA Replication, Endonuclease VII, and rII Proteins in Processing of Recombinational Intermediates in Phage T4 G. Mosig, M. Shaw, and G.M. Garcia    371

Topoisomerase, Resolvase, and Gyrase

A Topological Treatment of Recombination and Topoisomerases N.R. Co