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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1990:   The Brain, Vol. LV

Organizer: James Watson


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xv Molecular Mechanisms for Signaling Molecular Insights into Excitation-Contraction Coupling S. Numa, T. Tanabe, H. Takeshima, A. Mikami, T. Niidome, S. Nishimura, B.A. Adams, and K.G. Beam    1 Molecular Studies of Voltage-gated Potassium Channels E. Isacoff, D. Papazian, L. Timpe, Y.-N. Jan, and L.-Y. Jan    9 Differences in Gating among Amino-terminal Variants of Shaker Potassium Channels R.W. Aldrich, T. Hoshi, and W.N. Zagotta    19 The GABAA Receptor Family: Molecular and Functional Diversity P.H. Seeburg, W. Wisden, T.A. Verdoorn, D.B. Pritchett, P. Werner, A. Herb, H. Lüddens, R. Sprengel, and B. Sakmann    29 Glutamate Receptor GluR-K1: Structure, Function, and Expression in the Brain M. Hollmann, S.W. Rogers, A. O'Shea-Greenfield, E.S. Deneris, T.E. Hughes, G.P. Gasic, and S. Heinemann    41 Quantal Analysis of Excitatory Synaptic Mechanisms in the Mammalian Central Ner- vous System J.J.B. Jack, D.M. Kullmann, A.U. Larkman, G. Major, and K.J. Stratford    57 Synaptic Transmission in Hippocampal Neurons: Numerical Reconstruction of Quantal IPSCs C. Busch and B. Sakmann    69 Excitatory Synaptic Integration in Hippocampal Pyramids and Dentate Granule Cells P. Andersen, M. Raastad, and J.F. Storm    81 Physiological Properties of Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in the Central Nervous System S. Hestrin, D.J. Perkel, P. Sah, T. Manabe, P. Renner, and R.A. Nicoll    87 Short-term Electrophysiological Actions of Insulin on Aplysia Neurons: Identification of a Possible Novel Modulatory Second-messenger Mechanism J.H. Schwartz E. Shapiro, S.D. Brown, and A.R. Saltiel    95 Structure and Regulation of Type II Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase in Central Nervous System Neurons M.B. Kennedy, M.K. Bennett, R.F. Bulleit, N.E. Erondu, V.R. Jennings, S.G. Miller, S.S. Molloy, B.L. Patton, and L.J. Schenker    101 Molecular Analysis of Proteins Associated with the Synaptic Vesicle Membrane J.K. Ngsee, W.S. Trimble, L.A. Elferink, B. Wendland, K. Miller, N. Calakos, and R H. Scheller     111 Presynaptic Mechanisms in Hippocampal Long-term Potentiation T.V.P. Bliss, M.L. Errington, M.A. Lynch, and J.H. Williams    119 Computational Implications of NMDA Receptor Channels J.M. Bekkers and C.F. Stevens    131 Modified Hebbian Rule for Synaptic Enhancement in the Hippocampus and the Visual Cortex T. Bonhoeffer, A. Kossel, J. Bolz, and A. Aertsen    137 Long-term Potentiation: Presynaptic Enhancement following Postsynaptic Activation of Ca + +-dependent Protein Kinases R..W. Tsien and R. Malinow     47 Toward a Representational Hypothesis of the Role of Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Spatial and Other Forms of Learning R.G.M. Morris    161 Neuronal and Network Determinants of Simple and Higher-order Features of Associa- tive Learning: Experimental and Modeling Approaches J.H. Byrne, D.A. Baxter, D.V. Buonomano, and J.L. Raymond    175 Long-term Facilitation in Aplysia: Persistent Phosphorylation and Structural Changes S. Schacher, D. Glanzman, A. Barzilai, P. Dash, S.G.N. Grant, F. Keller, M. Mayford, and E.R. Kandel    187 Genetic Dissection of Memory Formation in Drosophila melanogaster T. Tully, S. Boynton, C. Brandes, J.M. Dura, R. Mihalek, T. Preat, and A. Villella     203 Synaptic Regulation of Immediate-Early Genes in Brain P.F. Worley, A.J. Cole, TH. Murphy, B.A. Christy, Y. Nakabeppu, and J.M. Baraban    213 Inducible Proto-oncogene Transcription Factors: Third Messengers in the Brain? T. Curran, C. Abate, D.R. Cohen, P.F. Macgregor, F.J. Rauscher Ill, J.L. Sonnen- berg, J.A. Connor, and J.I. Morgan    225 Neural Development An Analysis of the Cell-Cell Interactions That Control the Proliferation and Differen- tiation of a Bipotential Glial Progenitor Cell in Culture M.C. Raft I.K. Hart, W.D. Richardson, and L.E. Lillien    235 Role of Helix-Loop-Helix Proteins in Drosophila Neurogenesis H. Vaessin, M. Caudy, E. Bier, L.-Y. Jan, and Y.-N. Jan    239 Generation of Neuronal Diversity: Analogies and Homologies with Hematopoiesis H. Nawa, T. Yamamori, T. Le, and P.H. Patterson    247 Contributions of Cell-extrinsic and Cell-intrinsic Factors to the Differentiation of a Neural-crest-derived Neuroendocrine Progenitor Cell N. Mori, S.J. Birren, R. Stein, D. Stemple, D.J. Vandenbergh, C.W Wuenschell, and D.J. Anderson    255 Studies of Cortical Development Using Retrovirus Vectors C.L. Cepko, C.P. Austin, C. Walsh, E.F. Ryder, A. Halliday, and S. Fields-Berry     265 Guidance of Developing Axons by Diffusible Chemoattractants M. Placzek, M. Tessier-Lavigne, T. Yamada, J. Dodd, and T.M. Jessell    279 Mechanisms Regulating Cell Number and Type in the Mammalian Central Nervous System R. McKay, N. Valtz, M. Cunningham, and T. Hayes    291 Place-dependent Cell Adhesion, Process Retraction, and Spatial Signaling in Neural Morphogenesis G.M. Edelman and B.A. Cunningham    303

Cadherin Subclasses: Differential Expression and Their Roles in Neural Morphogenesis M. Takeich4 H. Inuzuka, K. Shimamura, T. Fujimori, and A. Nagafuchi    319

Molecular Genetics of Neuronal Recognition in Drosophila: Evolution and Function of Immunoglobulin Superfamily Cell Adhesion Molecules G. Grenningloh, A.J. Bieber, E.J. Rehm, P.M. Snow, Z.R. Traquina, M. Hortsch, N.H. Patel, and C.S. Goodman     327

Neuronal Receptors That Regulate Axon Growth L.F. Reichardt, B. Bossy, S. Carbonetto, I. de Curtis, C. Emmett, D.E. Hall, M.J. Ignatius, F. Lefcort, E. Napolitano, T. Large, K.M. Neugebauer, and K.J. Tomaselli    341

Directional Cues for Retinal Axons B. Stahl, Y. von Boxberg, B. Mililer, J. Walter, U. Schwarz, and F. Bonhoeffer    351

Neuronal Growth Cone as an Integrator of Complex Environmental Information S.B. Kater and P.B. Guthrie    359

Neurotrophic Factors, Their Receptors, and the Signal Transduction Pathways They Activate G.D. Yancopoulos, P.C. Maisonpierre, N.Y. Ip, T.H. Aldrich, L. Belluscio, T.G. Boulton, M.H. Cobb, S.P. Squinto, and M.E. Furth     371

Compartmentalization of Acetylcholine Receptor Gene Expression during Develop- ment of the Neuromuscular Junction J.P. Changeux, C. Babinet, J.L. Bessereau, A. Bessis, A. Cartaud, J. Cartaud, P. Daubas, A. Devillers- Thiery, A. Duclert, J.A. Hill, B. Jasmin, A. Klarsfeld, R. Laufer, H.O. Nghiem, J. Piette, M. Roa, and A.M. Salmon     381

Mr 42,000 ARIA: A Protein That May Regulate the Accumulation of Acetylcholine Receptors at Developing Chick Neuromuscular Junctions D.L. Falls, D.A. Harris, F.A. Johnson, M.M. Morgan, G. Corfas, and G.D. Fischbach    397

The Agrin Hypothesis U.J. McMahan    407

S-Laminin J.R. Sanes, D.D. Hunter, T.L. Green, and J.P. Merlie    419

NMDA Receptor as a Mediator of Activity-dependent Synaptogenesis in the Develop- ing Brain M. Constantine-Paton    431

Construction of Modular Circuits in the Mammalian Brain D. Purves and A.-S. LaMantia    445

Target Selection by Cortical Axons: Alternative Mechanisms to Establish Axonal Connections in the Developing Brain D.D.M. O'Leary, A.R. Bicknese, J.A. De Carlos, C.D. Heffner, S.E. Koester, L.J. Kutka, and T. Terashima    453

Pioneer Neurons and Target Selection in Cerebral Cortical Development C.J. Shatz, A. Ghosh, S.K. McConnell, K.L. Allendoerfer, E. Friauf, and A. Antonini    469

Activity-dependent Regulation of Gene Expression in Adult Monkey Visual Cortex E.J. Jones, D.L. Benson, S.H.C. Hendry, and P.J. Isackson    481

Factors Involved in the Establishment of Specific Interconnections between Thalamus and Cerebral Cortex C. Blakemore and Z. Molnar    491

Expression of Neural Proteoglycans Correlates with the Acquisition of Mature Neuro- nal Properties in the Mammalian Brain S. Hockfield, R.G. Kalb, S. Zaremba, and H. Fryer    505

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Organization of Afferents to Single Orientation Columns in Visual Cortex M.P. Stryker, B. Chapman, K.D. Miller, and K.R. Zahs    515

Sensory and Motor Systems

Chemosensory Cell Function in the Behavior and Development of Caenorhabditis elegans C.I. Bargmann, J.H. Thomas, and H.R. Horvitz    529

Bacterial Microprocessing H.C. Berg    539

Ultrastructural Correlates of Mechanoelectrical Transduction in Hair Cells of the Bullfrog's Internal Ear R A. Jacobs and A.J. Hudspeth    547

Model of phototransduction in Retinal Rods V. Torre, S. Forti, A. Menini, and M. Campani    563

Similar Algorithms in Different Sensory Systems and Animals M. Konishi    575

Specialized Subsystems for Processing Biologically Important Complex Sounds: Cross- correlation Analysis for Ranging in the Bat's Brain N. Suga, J.F. Olsen, and J.A. Butman    585

Associative Memory Function in piriform (Olfactory) Cortex: Computational Modeling and Neuropharmacology M.E. Hasselmo, M.A. Wilson, B.P. Anderson, and J.M. Bower    599

Neural Image Transformation in the Somatosensory System of the Monkey: Com- parison of Neurophysiological Observations with Responses in a Neural Network Model I.N. Bankman, S.S. Hsiao, and K.O. Johnson    611 Protein-Chromophore Interactions in Rhodopsin Studied by Site-directed Mutagenesis J. Nathans    621

Cone Excitations and Color Vision T.W. Kraft, C.L. Makino, R.A. Mathies, J. Lugtenburg, J.L. Schnapf, and D.A. Baylor    635