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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1997:   Pattern Formation During Development, Vol. LXII

Organizer: Bruce Stillman


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Symposium Participants    v
Foreword    xix Polarity and Position Specification Germ Plasm Assembly and Germ Cell Migration in Drosophila C. Rongo, H. Tarczy-Broihier, L. Moore, M. Van Doren, A. Forbes, and R. Lehmann    1 Efficient Translation and Phosphorylation of Oskar Require Oskar Protein and the RNAHelicase Vasa F.-H. Markussen, W. Breitwieser, and A. Ephrussi    13 Controls of Cell Fate and Pattern by 3' Untranslated Regions: The Caenorhabditis elegans Sperm/Oocyte Decision A. Puoti, M. Gallegos, B. Zhang, M.P. Wickens, and J. Kimble    19 The Drosophila Germarium: Stem Cells, Germ Line Cysts, and Oocytes A.C. Spradling,M. de Cuevas, D. Drummond-Barbosa, L. Keyes, M. Lilly, M. Pepling, and T. Xie    25 Genetic Characterization of hadad, a Mutant Disrupting Female Gametogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana J.M. Moore, J.-P. Vielle Calzada, W. Gagliano, andU. Grossniklaus    35 Asymmetric Divisions Establishment of Cell Type in a Primitive Organism by Cell-specific Elimination and Proteolytic Activation of a Transcription Factor A. Hofmeister and R. Losick    49 Building Organs and Organisms: Elements of Morphogenesis Exhibited by Budding YeastI. Herskowitz    57 Cortical Asymmetries Direct the Establishment of Cell Polarity and the Plane of Cell Division in the Fucus Embryo R.S. Quatrano    65 Asymmetric Segregation of the Drosophila Numb Protein during Mitosis: Facts and Speculations J.A. Knoblich, L.Y. Jan, and Y.N. Jan    71 On the Roles of inscuteable in Asymmetric Cell Divisions in Drosophila W. Chia, R. Kraut, P. Li, X. Yang, and M. Zavortink    79 Maternal Genes with Localized mRNA and Pattern Formation of the Ascidian EmbryoS. Yoshida, Y. Satou, and N. Satoh    89 Axis Formation Related Signaling Networks in Drosophila That Control Dorsoventral Patterning in the Embryo and the Immune Response L.P. Wu and K.V. Anderson    97Nodal Signaling and Axis Formation in the Mouse I. Varlet, J. Collignon, D.P. Norris, and E.J. Robertson    105 Axis Duplication and Anterior Identity in the Mouse Embryo P. Thomas, J.M. Brickman, H. Pöpperl, R. Krumlauf, and R.S.P. Beddington    115 FGF Signaling in Mouse Gastrulation and Anteroposterior Patterning J. Rossant, B. Ciruna, and J. Partanen    127 Lineage and Functional Analyses of the Mouse Organizer P.P.L. Tam, K.A. Steiner, S.X. Zhou, and G.A. Quinlan    135 Goosecoid and Goosecoid-related Genes in Mouse Embryogenesis M. Wakamiya, J. Rivera-Peréz, A. Baldini, and R.R. Behringer    145 Morphogens Cell Response to Different Concentrations of a Morphogen: Activin Effects on Xenopus Animal Caps J.B. Gurdon, K. Ryan, F. Stennard, N. McDowell, A.M. Zorn, D.J. Crease, and S. Dyson    151 Analysis of Fgf8 Gene Function in Vertebrate Development M. Lewandowski, E.N. Meyers, and G.R. Martin    159 Patterning by Genes Expressed in Spemann's Organizer E.M. De Robertis, S. Kim, L. Leyns, S. Piccolo, D. Bachiller, E. Agius, J.A. Belo, A. Yamamoto, A. Hainski-Brousseau, B. Brizuela, O. Wessely, B. Lu, and T. Bouwmeester    169 Brainiac and Fringe Are Similar Pioneer Proteins That Impart Specificity to Notch Signaling during Drosophila Development S. Goode and N. Perrimon    177 Cell Culture and Whole Animal Approaches to Understanding Signaling by Wnt Proteins in Drosophila R. Nusse, C. Harryman Samos, M. Brink, K. Willert, K.M. Cadigan, A. Wodarz, M. Fish, and E. Rulifson    185 Tissue Specification Multiple Roles of Cholesterol in Hedgehog Protein Biogenesis and Signaling P.A. Beachy, M.K. Cooper, K.E. Young, D.P. von Kessler, W.-J. Park, T.M. Tanaka Hall, D.J. Leahy, and J.A. Porter    191

Control of Cell Growth and Fate by patched Genes R.L. Johnson and M.P. Scott    205

The smoothened Gene and Hedgehog Signal Transduction in Drosophila and Vertebrate Development J. Quirk, M. van den Heuvel, D. Henrique, V. Marigo, T.A. Jones, C. Tabin, and P.W. Ingham    217

WNT5 is Required for Tail Formation in the Zebrafish Embryo G.-J. Rauch, M. Hammerschmidt, P. Blader, H.E. Schauerte, U. Strähle, P.W. Ingham, A.P. McMahon, and P. Haffter    227

Genes That Control Organ Form: Lessons from Bone and Branching Morphogenesis M.A. Krasnow    235

Branching Morphogenesis in the Drosophila Tracheal System B.-Z. Shilo, L. Gabay, L. Glazer, M. Reichman-Fried, P. Wappner, R. Wilk, and E. Zelzer    241

Branching Morphogenesis of the Lung: New Models for a Classical Problem B.L.M. Hogan, J. Grindley, S. Bellusci, N.R. Dunn, H. Emoto, and N. Itoh    249

The Enamel Knot: A Putative Signaling Center Regulating Tooth Development I. Thesleff and J. Jernvall    257

BMP Signaling and Vertebrate Limb Development H. Zou, K.-M. Choe, Y. Lu, J. Massagué, and L. Niswander    269

Patterning and Transcription

Hox Genes and Mammalian Development M.R. Capecchi    273

Intercompartmental Signaling and the Regulation of vestigial Expression at the Dorsoventral Boundary of the Developing Drosophila Wing J. Kim, J. Magee, and S.B. Carroll    283

The Dance of the Hox Genes: Patterning the Anteroposterior Body Axis of Caenorhabditis elegans C.J. Kenyon, J. Austin, M. Costa, D.W. Cowing, J.M. Harris, L. Honigberg, C.P. Hunter, J.N. Maloof, M.M. Muller-Immerglück, S.J. Salser, D.A. Waring, B.B. Wang, and L.A. Wrischnik    293

The Regulation of Enhancer-Promoter Interactions in the Drosophila Embryo J. Zhou, H.N. Cai, S. Ohtsuki, and M. Levine    307

Cross-Regulatory Interactions between Hox Genes and the Control of Segmental Expression in the Vertebrate Central Nervous System S. Nonchev, M. Maconochie, A. Gould, A. Mor-rison, and R. Krumlauf    313

Role of the Brn-3 Family of POU-domain Genes in the Development of the Auditory/Vestibular, Somatosensory, and Visual Systems M. Xiang, L. Gan, D. Li, L. Zhou, Z.-Y. Chen, D. Wagner, B.W. O'Malley, Jr., W. Klein, and J. Nathans    325

Upstream and Downstream from Brachyury, a Gene Required for Vertebrate Mesoderm Formation J.C. Smith, N.A. Armes, F.L. Conlon, M. Tada, M. Umbhauer, and K.M. Weston    337

Signaling in Organogenesis

Signal Transduction Downstream from RAS in Drosophila G.M. Rubin, H.C. Chang, F. Karim, T. Laverty, N.R. Michaud, D.K. Morrison, I. Rebay, A. Tang, M. Therrien, and D.A. Wassarman    347

Mutations That Perturb Vulval Invagination in C. elegans T. Herman and H.R. Horvitz    353

Genetics and the Evolution of Plant Form: An Example from Maize J. Doebley and R.-L. Wang    361

Control of Cell Division Patterns in Developing Shoots and Flowers of Arabidopsis thaliana E.M. Meyerowitz    369

Pancreas Development in the Chick Embryo S.K. Kim, M. Hebrok, and D.A. Melton    377

The Specification of Muscle in Drosophila M.K. Baylies, M. Bate, and M. Ruiz Gomez    385

Homeobox Genes and Heart Development C. Biben, S. Palmer, D.A. Elliott, and R.P. Harvey    395

A Transcriptional Pathway for Cardiac Development Q. Lin, D. Srivastava, and E.N. Olson    405

Induction of Chick Cardiac Myogenesis by Bone Morphogenetic Proteins T.M. Schultheiss and A.B. Lassar    413

Expression of Wnt and Fri