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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1989:   Immunological Recognition, Vol. LIV

Organizer: James D. Watson, John R. Inglis

Table of Contents

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Our 1967 Symposium on antibodies marked the acceptance of the theories advanced by Jerne and Burnet that antigen, on entering the immune system, selected and expanded clones of lymphocytes with immunoglobulin receptors that best fitted the antigen. Yet, even then, it was apparent that this was not a whole explanation. Induction of antibodies to a hapten seemed to require specific recognition of the carrier molecule, not just the hapten. By 1976, and our next immunological Symposium, the separation of lymphocytes into two classes had been established, and for most antibody responses, interaction between T and B cells with separate specificities was known to be n