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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1946:   Heredity and Variation in Microorganisms, Vol. XI

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS    viiANDERSON, THOMAS F. Morphological and chemical relations in viruses and bacteriophages    1BONNER, DAVID Biochemical mutations in Neurospora    14BUNTING, MARY I. The inheritance of color in bacteria, with special reference to Serratia marcescens    25DELBRUCK M., AND BAILEY, W. T., JR. Induced mutations in bacterial viruses    33 DEMEREC, M., AND LATARJET, R. Mutations in bacteria induced by radiations    38 DIENES, LOUIS Complex reproductive processes in bacteria    51DUBOS RENE J. Variations in antigenic properties of bacteria    60HERSHEY, A. D. Spontaneous mutations in bacterial viruses    67 HOLLAENDER, A., AND EMMONS, C. W. Induced mutations and speciation in fungi    78JOHNSON, T. Variation and the inheritance of certain characters in rust fungi    85KIDI, JOHN G. Distinctive constituents of tumor cells and their possible relations to the phenomena of autonomy, anaplasia, and cancer causation    94LEDERBERG JOSHUA, AND TATUM, E. L. Novel genotypes in mixed cultures of biochemical mu tants of bacteria    113 LINDEGREN, CARL C., AND LINDEGREN, GERTRUDE. The cytogene theory    115LURIA, S. E. Spontaneous bacterial mutations to resistance to antibacterial agents    130

LWOFF, ANDRE. Some problems connected with spontaneous biochemicaJ mutations inMACDOWELL, E. C. Variation in leukemic cells of mice    156

MCCARTY, MACLYN, TAYLOR, HARRIET E., AND AVERY, O. T. Biochemical studies of environmental factors essential in transformation of pneumococcal types    177

PIRIE, N. W. The state of viruses in the infected cell    184

PONTECORVO, G. Genetic systems based on heterocaryosis    193

RHOADES, M. M. Plastid mutations    156

RICHARDS, OSCAR W. Biological phase microscopy    208

RYAN, FRANCIS J. Back-mutation and adaptation of nutritional mutants    215

SHAPIRO, ARTHUR. The kinetics of growth and mutation in bacteria    228

SONNEBORN, T. M. Experimental control of the concentration of cytoplasmic genetic factors in Para Mecium    236

SPIEGELMAN, S. Nuclear and cytoplasmic factors controlling enzymatic constitution    256

TATUM, E. L. Induced biochemical mutations in bacteria    278

VAN NIEL, C. B. The classification and natural relationships of bacteria    285

APPENDIX. Nomenclature of nutritional types of microorganisms    302