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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1948:   Biological Applications of Tracer Elements, Vol. XIII

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS    viiARNASON, T. J. Chromosome breakage induced by absorbed radioactive phosphorus    1BENSON, A. A., and CALVIN, M. The path of carbon in photosynthesis    6BENTLEY, RONALD. The use of the O18 isotope    11BERGSTRAND, A., ELIASSON, NILS A., HAMMARSTEN, EINAR, NORBERO, BO, REICHARD, PETER, and VON UBISCH, HANS. Experiments with N15 on purines from nuclei and cytoplasm of normal and regenerating liver    22BERNHARD, KARL. Formation of lipids by the microorganism Phycomyces Blakesleeanus    26BLOCH, KONRAD. The biological synthesis of lipids    29BRANSON, HERMAN. The use of isotopes in an integral equation description of metabolizing system    35BROWN, GEORGE BOSWORTH. Studies of purine metabolism    43BRUES, AUSTIN M., and BUCHANAN, DONALD L. Studies of the over-all CO2 metabolism of tissues and total organisms    52BURCH, G. E., THREEFOOT, S. A., CRONVICH, J. A., and REASER, P. Theoretic and experimental considerations of biologic decay periods: Studies in man with the use of Na22    63CARSON, S. F. Design and interpretation of carbon isotope experiments in bacterial metabolism    75EHRENSVÄRD, GÖSTA. Amino acid metabolism in Torulopsis utilis    81FLEXNER, LOUIS B., COWIE, DEAN B., and VOSBURGH, GILBERT J. Studies on capillary permeability with tracer substances    88

GEMMILL, CHALMERS L. Isotopes in pharmacodynamics    99

GILES, NORMAN H., and BOLOMEY, RENÉ. Cytogenetical effects of internal radiations from Radioisotopes    104

GREENBERG, DAVID M., FRIEDBERG, FELIX, SCHULMAN, MARTIN P., and WINNICK, THEODORE. Studies on the mechanism of protein synthesis with radioactive carbon-labeled compounds    113

GURIN, SAMUEL, and CRANDALL, DANA I. The biological oxidation of fatty acids    118

HEVESY, G. Historical sketch of the biological application of tracer elements    129

KAMEN, MARTIN D., and SPIEGELMAN, S. Studies on the phosphate metabolism of some unicellular organisms    151

NORRIS, WILLIAM P., and KISIELESKI, WALTER. Comparative metabolism of radium, strontium and calcium    164

RITTENBERG, D. The application of the isotope technique to the study of the metabolism of glycine    173

SACKS, JACOB. Mechanism of phosphate transfer across cell membranes    180

SHEMIN, DAVID. The biosynthesis of porphyrins    185

USSING, HANS H. The use of tracers in the study of active ion transport across animal membranes    193

WOOD, HARLAND G. The synthesis of liver glycogen in the rat as an indicator of intermediary Metabolism    201