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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1949:   Amino Acids and Proteins, Vol. XIV

Organizer: Milislav Demerec


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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS    vii BULL, HENRY B. Hydrolysis of proteins    1 CANN, JOHN R., and KIRKWOOD, JOHN G. The fractionation of proteins by electrophoresis-convection    9 CRAIG, LYMAN C., GREGORY, J. DELAFIELD, and BARRY, Guy T. Studies on polypeptides and amino acids by countercurrent distribution    24 DANIELLI, J. F. Studies on the cytochemistry of proteins    32 EMERSON, STERLING. Competitive reactions and antagonisms in the biosynthesis of amino acids by Neurospora    40 FROMAGEOT, CLAUDE. The quantitative analysis of amino acids in proteins: insulin and lysozyme    49 FRUTON, JOSEPH S., AND SIMMONDS, SOFIA. The metabolism of peptides    55 HODGKIN, DOROTHY CROWFOOT. X-ray analysis and protein structure    65 HUGHES, WALTER L., JR. Protein mercaptides    79 KAUFMANN, BERWIND P., GAY, HELEN, and MCDONALD, MARGARET R. Localization of cellular proteins by enzymatic hydrolysis    85 KESTON, ALBERT S., and UDENFRIEND, SWNEY. The application of the isotopic derivative method to the analysis of proteins    92

KLOTZ, IRVING M. The nature of some ion-protein complexes    97

LEVY, MILTON, and SLOBODIANSKY, EVELYN. The application of the isotopic derivative technic to the study of protein structure    113

LINDERSTRØM-LANG, K. Structure and enzymatic break-down of proteins    117

LUCK, J. MURRAY. The liver proteins    127

PEDERSEN, KAI O. Size relationship among similar proteins. Association and dissociation reactions of Protein units    140

SANGER, F. Some chemical investigations on the structure of insulin    153

SHEMIN, DAVW. Some aspects of the biosynthesis of amino acids    161

SMITH, EMIL L., and LUMRY, RUFUS. Some consideration of the interaction of the metal peptidases with their substrates    168

STEIN, WILLIAM H., and MOORE, STANFORD. Chromatographic determination of the amino acid composition of proteins    179

SYNGE, R. L. M. Physical and chemical studies of gramicidin and some implications for the study of proteins    191

ZAMECNIK, PAUL C., and FRANTZ, IVAN D., JR. Peptide bond synthesis in normal and malignant tissue    199