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The Symposia, 1933 — 2003

1988:   Molecular Biology of Signal Transduction, Vol. LIII

Organizer: James Watson


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Part 1
Symposium Participants     v Foreword     xix Bacterial Chemotaxis A Physicist Looks at Bacterial Chemotaxis H. C. Berg     1 Roles of Methylation and Phosphorylation in the Bacterial Sensing System D. E. Koshland, Jr., D. A. Sanders, and R. M. Weis    11 Osmotaxis in Escherichia coli J. Adler, C. Li, A. I. Boileau, Y. Qi, and C. Kung     19 Galvanotaxis in Bacteria J. Adler and W Shi    23Interaction of CheB with Chemotaxis Signal Transduction Components in Escherichia coli: Modulation of the Methylesterase Activity and Effects on Cell Swimming Behavior R. C. Stewart, C. B. Russell, A. F. Roth, and F. W Dahlquist    27 Protein Phosphorylation and Bacterial Chemotaxis J. F. Hess, R. B. Bourret, K. Oosawa, P. Matsumura, and M. I. Simon     41 Phosphoproteins Involved in Bacterial Signal Transduction A. M. Stock, D. C. Wylie, J. M. Mottonen, A. N. Lupas, E. G. Ninfa, A. F. Ninfa, C. E. Schutt, and I. B. Stock    49Structure-Function Studies of Bacterial Chemosensors P. Ames, I. Chen, C. Wolff and I. S. Parkinson    59 The End of the Line in Bacterial Sensing: The Flagellar Motor R. M. Macnab    67 Protein Phosphorylation Casein Kinase II as a Potentially Important Enzyme Concerned with Signal Transduc- tion E.G. Krebs, R. N. Eisenman, E. A. Kuenzel, D. W Litchfield, F. I. Lozeman,B. Luscher, and I. Sommercorn     77 Microinjection of the Catalytic Subunit of cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase Induces Expression of the c-fos Gene K. T. Riabowol, M. Z. Gilman, and I. R. Feramisco     85 Regulating Cell Growth: Casein-kinase-Il-dependent Phosphorylation of Nuclear On- coproteins D. Carroll, N. Santoro, and D. R. Marshak    91 The Family of Protein Kinase C: Its Molecular Heterogeneity and Differential Expres- sion U. Kikkawa, K. Ogita, M. S. Shearman, K. Ase, K. Sekiguchi, Z. Naor, A. Kishimoto, Y. Nishizuka, N. Saito, C. Tanaka, Y. Ono, T. Fujii, and K. Igarashi    97 Protein Kinase C Regulation by Sphingosine/Lysosphingolipids R. M. Bell, C. R.Loomis, and Y. A. Hannun    103 Expression of Wild-type and Mutant Subunits of the cAMP-dependent ProteinKinase G. S. McKnight, G. G. Cadd, C. H. Clegg, A. D. Otten, and L. A. Correll     111 cAMP-dependent Protein Kinase: A Framework for a Diverse Family of EnzymesS.S. Taylor, I. A. Buechler, L. W. Slice, D. K. Knighton, S. Durgerian, G.E.Ringheim, I .I. Neitzel, W. M. Yonemoto, I. M. Sowadski, and W. Dospmann     121 Targets for Signal-transducing Protein Kinase T. Hunter, P. Angel, W. I. Boyle, R.Chiu, E. Freed, K. L. Gould, C. M. Isacke, M. Karin, R. A. Lindberg, and P. vander Geer    131 Molecular Analyses of Gene Products Associated with the Response of Cells to Mitogenic Stimulation R. L. Erikson, D. Alcorta, P. -A. Bedard, I. Blenis, H. -P. Biemann, E. Erikson, S. W. Jones, I. L. MaIler, T. J. Martins, and D. L. Simmons .    143 Interactions between the Middle T Antigen of Polyomavirus and Host Cell Proteins S. A. Courtneidge, R. M. Kypta, and E. T. Ulug    153 Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Signal Transduction T. M. Roberts, D. Kaplan, W. Mor- gan, T. Keller, H. Mamon, H. Piwnica Worms, B. Druker, B. Cohen, B. Schaff hausen, M. Whitman, L. Cantley, U. Rapp, and D. Morrison    161 raf Family Serine/Threonine Protein Kinases in Mitogen Signal Transduction U. R. Rapp, G. Heidecker, M. Huleihel, J. L. Cleveland, W. C. Choi, T. Pawson, J. N. Ihle, and W. B. Anderson     173 Calmodulin and Calmodulin-regulated Protein Kinases as Transducers of Intracellular Calcium Signals T. J. Lukas, J. Haiech, W. Lau, T. A. Craig, W. E. Zimmer, R. L. Shattuck, M. O. Shoemaker, and D. M. Watterson    185 Regulation of the Vertebrate Cell Cycle by the cdc2 Protein Kinase G. Draetta, L. Brizuela, B. Moran, and D. Beach     195 Mechanism of Action of G Proteins Role of G Proteins in Transmembrane Signaling P. J. Casey, M. P. Graziano, M. Freissmuth, and A. G. Gilman     203 Structure of the Genes Coding for G-protein a Subunits from Mammalian and Yeast Cells Y. Kaziro, H. Itoh, T. Kozasa, R. Toyama, T. Tsukamoto, M. Matsuoka, M. Nakafuku, T. Obara, T. Takagi, and R. Hernandez    209 Mutations Probe Structure and Function of G-protein a Chains H. R. Bourne, S. B. Masters, R. T. Miller, K. A. Sullivan, and W. Heideman    221 Receptor-effector Coupling by G Proteins: Purification of Human Erythrocyte Gi-2 and Gi-3 and Analysis of Effector Regulation Using Recombinant a Subunits Synthe- sized in Escherichia coli L. Birnbaumer, J. Codina, R. Mattera, A. Yatani, R. Graf, J. Olate, J. Sanford, and A. M. Brown     229 Functions of G-protein Subunits E. J. Neer, S. -Y. Kim, S. -L. Ang, D. B. Bloch, K. D. Bloch, Y. Kawahara, C. Tolman, R. Lee, D. Logothetis, D. Kim, J. G. Seidman, and D. E. Clapham    241 Receptor- and G-Protein-mediated Modulations of Voltage-dependent Calcium Chan- nels W. Rosenthal, J. Hescheler, W. Trautwein, and G. Schultz     247 Unique Properties of a New GTP-binding Protein with a Molecular Mass of 24,000 Daltons Purified from Porcine Brain Membranes T. Katada and M. Ui     255 Functional Role of Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subtype Diversity A. Ashken- azi, E. G. Peralta, J. W. Winslow, J. Ramachandran, and D. J. Capon .    263 ras Oncogene Proteins: Three-dimensional Structures, Functional Implications, and a Model for Signal Transducer S.-H. Kim, A. M. tIe Vos, L. Tong, M. V. Milburn, P. M. Matias, J. Jancarik, E. Ohtsuka, and S. Nishimura     273 Mechanisms of Neurosensory Transduction Molecular Basis of Visual Excitation L. Stryer    283 Molecular Basis of the Functional Heterogeneity of the Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor S. Numa, K. Fukuda, T. Kubo, A. Maeda, I. Akiba, H. Bujo, J. Nakai, M. Mishina, and H. Higashida    295 Life, Evolution, and the Pursuit of Single Photon Sensitivity M. W. Bitensky, M. M. Whalen, and D. C. Torney     303 Visual Signal Transduction: The Cycle of Transducin Shuttling between Rhodopsin and cOMP Phosphodiesterase M. Chabre, J. Bigay, F. Bruckert, F. Bornancin, P. Deterre, C. Pfister, and T. M. Vuong     313 Molecular Mechanics of the Cyclic-GMP-activated Channel of Retinal Rods J. W. Karpen, A. L. Zimmerman, L. Stryer, and D. A. Baylor     325 Inositol Lipid Cascade of Vision Studied in Mutant Flies Z. Selinger and B. Minke ø.    333 Molecular Transduction in Smell and Taste D. Lancet, D. Lazard, J. Heldman, M. Khen, and P. Nef    343 Expression of G-protein a Subunits in Rat Olfactory Neurcepithelium: Candidates for Olfactory Signal Transduction D. T. Jones, E. Barbosa, and R. R. Reed     349 Studies on Light Transduction by Bactenorhodopsin and Rhodopsin M. Braiman, J.Bubis, T. Doi, H. -B. Chen, S. L. Flitsch, R. R. Franke, M. A. Gilles-Gonzalez,R. M. Graham, S.S. Karnik, H. G. Khorana, B. E. Knox, M. P. Krebs, T. Marti, T.Mogi T. Nakayama, D. D. Oprian, K. L. Puckett, T. P. Sakmar, L. J. Stern, S. Subramaniam, and D. A. Thompson     355 Direct Coupling of 0 Proteins to Ionic Channels A. M. Brown, A. Yatani, Y. Imoto, G. Kirsch, H. Hamm, J. Codina, R. Mattera, and L. Birnbaumer    365 Role of G-protein-coupled Phosphatidylinositol System in Signal Transduction in Ver- tebrate Neurons: Experiments on Neuroblastoma Hybrid Cells and Ganglion Cells D. A. Brown, H. Higashida, P. R. Adams, N. V. Marrion, and T. G. Smart    375 Functional Expression of the 5-HT1C Receptor in Neuronal and Nonneuronal Cells D. Julius, A. B. MacDermott, T. M. Jessell, K. Huang, S. Molineaux, I. Schieren, and R. Axel    385 Molecular Convergence of Presynaptic Inhibition and Presynaptic Facilitation on Com- mon Substrate Proteins of Individual Sensory Neurons of Aplysia D. Sweatt, A. Volterra, S. A. Siegelbaum, and E. R. Kandel    395Electrical and Biochemical Properties of the cOMP-gated Cation Channel from Rod Photoreceptors U. B. Kaupp, W. Hanke, R. Simmoteit, and H. Lühring     407 Sevenless, a Gene Encoding a Putative Receptor for Positional Information G. M. Rubin     417 The Role of Arachidonic Acid Metabolites in Signal Transduction in an Identified Neural Network Mediating Presynaptic Inhibition in Aplysia E. Shapiro, D. Piomelli, S. Feinmark, S. Vogel, G. Chin, and J. H. Schwartz     425 Molecular Mechanisms of Phospholipid Signaling Pathways in Mammalian Nerve Cells M. R. Hanley, T. R. Jackson, W. T. Cheung, M. Dreher, A. Gatti, P. Haw- kins, S. I. Patterson, M. Vallejo, A. P. Dawson, and O. Thastrup    435 Growth Factor and Hormone Receptors Purification and Characterization of Placental Membrane Phosphotyrosine Phos phatases C. J. Pallen, L. Sahlin, G. Panayotou, and M. D. Waterfield    447 Signal Transduction by the Platelet-derived Growth Factor Receptor L. T. Williams, J. A. Escobedo, M. T. Keating, and S. R. Coughlin     455 Role of Intrinsic Protein Tyrosine Kinase in Function and Metabolism of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor G. N. Gill, W. S. Chen, C. S. Lazar, J. R. Glenney, Jr., H. S. Wiley, H. A. Ingraham, and M. G. Rosenfeld     467 Molecular Analysis of the Nerve Growth Factor Receptor B. Hempstead, N. Patil, K. Olson, and M. Chao     477 Structure-Function Analysis of the b-Adrenergic Receptor R. A. F. Dixon, L. S. Sigal, and C. D. Strader    487 Functional Domains in the b-Adrenergic Receptor E. M. Ross, S. K. -F. Wong, R. C. Rubenstein, and T. Higashijima    499 Molecular Biology of Adrenergic Receptors R.. J. Lefkowitz, B. K. Kobilka, J. L. Benovic, M. Bouvier, S. Cotecchia, W Hausdorff, H. G. Dohlman, J. W. Regan, and M. G. Caron    507 Signal Transduction by Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor J. Schlessinger, A. UI- Irich, A. M. Honegger, and W. H. Moolenaar     515 Macrophage Colony-stimulating Factor, CSF-1, and Its Proto-oncogene-encoded Re- ceptor C. J. Sherr, C. W. Rettenmier, and M. F. Roussel     521 Platelet-derived Growth Factor Generates at Least Two Distinct Intracellular Signals That Modulate Gene Expression S. D. Jones, D. J. Hall, B. J. Rollins, and C. D. Stiles    531 Insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptors and Responses R. A. Roth, G. Steele-Perkins, J. Han, C. Stover, S. Pierce, J. Turner, J. C. Edman, and W. J. Rutter     537 Response and Binding Elements for Ligand-dependent Positive Transcription Factors Integrate Positive and Negative Regulation of Gene Expression M. G. Rosenfeld, C. K. Glass, S. Adler, E. B. Crenshaw III, X. He, S. A. Lira, H.P. Elsholtz, H. J. Mangalam, J. M. Holloway, C. Nelson, V. R.. Albert, and H. A. Ingraham     545 PART 2 Signal Transduction in Unicellular Eukaryotes

From Membrane to Nucleus: The Pathway of Signal Transduction in Yeast and Its Genetic Control L. Marsh and I. Herskowitz    557

The Role of G Proteins in Yeast Signal Transduction K. Matsumoto, M. Nakafuku, N. Nakayama, L Miyajima, K. Kaibuchi, A. Miyajima, C. Brenner, K. Arai, and Y. Kaziro    567

Analysis of the Role of SCG1, a Ga Homolog, and SST2 in Pheromone Response and Desensitization in Yeast J. Kurjan and C. Dietzel    577

Function of the STE4 and 5TE18 Genes in Mating Pheromone Signal Transduction in Saccharomyces cerevisiae M. Whiteway, L. Hougan, D. Dignard, L. Bell, G. Saari, F. Grant, P. O'Hara, V. L. MacKay, and D. Y. Thomas    585

Functional Domains of a Peptide Hormone Receptor: The a-Factor Receptor (STE2 Gene Product) of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae K. J. Blumer, J. E. Reneke, W. E. Courchesne, and J. Thorner     591

Recovery from Pheromone-induced Arrest of the Yeast Cell Cycle: a-Factor Binding and Mutants That Show Pheromone-independent Arrest of Cell Division D. Blinder, P. Spatrick, S. Bouvier, C. Sullivan, and D. Jenness     605

Response of Yeast a Cells to a-Factor Pheromone: Topology of the Receptor and Identification of a Component of the Response Pathway K. L. Clark, N. G. Davis, D. K. Wiest, J. -J. Hwang-Shum, and G. F. Sprague, Jr    611

Isolation and Characterization of Two Genes Encoding Yeast Mating Pheromone Signaling Elements: CDC72 and CDC73 S. I. Reed, J. Ferguson, and K.-Y. Jahng    621

Diverse Biological Functions of Small GTP-binding Proteins in Yeast D. Botstein, N. Segev, T. Stearns, M. A. Hoyt, J. Holden, and R. A. Kahn     629

Regulation of Vesicular Traffic by a GTP-binding Protein on the Cytoplasmic Surface of Secretory Vesicles in Yeast P. J. Novick, B. Goud, A. Salminen, N. C. Walworth, J. Nair, and M. Potenza    637

Studies of RAS Function in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae M. Wigler, J. Field, S. Powers, D. Broek, T. Toda, S. Cameron, J. Nikawa, T. Michaeli, J. Colicelli, and K. Ferguson     649

cAMP Receptor and G-protein Interactions Control Development in Dictyo- stelium M. Pupillo, P. Klein, R. Vaughan, G. Pitt, P. Lilly, T. Sun, P. Devreotes, A. Kumagai, and R. Firtel     657

Ion Channels in Paramecium, Yeast, and Escherichia coli Y. Saimi, B. Martinac, M. C. Gustin, M. R. Culbertson, J. Adler, and C. Kung    667

A Molecular Analysis of 0 Proteins and Control of Early Gene Expression by the Cell- surface cAMP Receptor in Dictyostelium A. Kumagai, S. K. O. Mann, M. Pupillo, G. Pitt, P N. Devreotes, and R. A. Firtel    675

Signal Transduction in the Nucleus

jun: Oncogene and Transcriptional Regulator A. R. Ball, Jr., T. J. Bos, C. Löliger, L. P Nagata, T. Nishimura, H. Su, H. Tsuchie, and P. K. Vogt     687

Transcriptional Regulation by the AP-1 Family of Enhancer-binding Proteins: A Nu- clear Target for Signal Transduction D. Bohmann, A. Admon, D. R. Turner, and R. Tjian    695

Transcriptional Activation by Yeast GCN4, a Functional Homolog to the jun Onco- protein K. Struhl, C. J. Brandl, W Chen, P. A. B. Harbury, I. A. Hope, and S. Mehadevan    701

YAPi Encodes a Yeast Homolog of Mammalian Transcription Factor AP-1 W. S. Moye-Rowley, K. D. Harshman, and C. S. Parker    711

Analysis of Serum Response Element Function In Vitro C. Norman and R. Treisman    719

Gene Regulation by Growth Factors R. Metz, J. Gorham, Z. Siegfried, D. Leonard, E. Gizang-Ginsberg, M. A. Thompson, D. Lawe, T. Kouzarides, R. Vosatka, D. MacGregor, S. Jamal, M. E. Greenberg, and E. B. Ziff    727

Transcriptional Regulation of c-fos R. Prywes, T. M. Fisch, and R. G. Roeder    739

Regulation of Proto-oncogene fos: A Paradigm for Early Response Genes P. Sassone- Corsi, W W Lamph, and I. M. Verma    749

Intracellular Mediators of c-fos Induction M. Z. Gilman, L. A. Berkowitz, J. R. Feramisco, B. R. Franza, Jr., R. M. Graham, K. T. Riabowol, and W. A. Ryan, Jr.    761

Beyond the Second Messenger: Oncogenes and Transcription Factors T. Curran, F. J. Rauscher III, D. R. Cohen, and B. R. Franza, Jr.     769

Nuclear Oncoproteins Determine the Genetic Program in Response to External Stimuli A. Schönthal, S. Gebel, B. Stein, H. Ponta, H. J. Rahmsdorf, and P. Herrlich     779

Phorbol-ester-induced Activation of the NF-KB Transcription Factor Involves Dissocia- tion of an Apparently Cytoplasmic NF-KB/Inhibitor Complex P. A. Baeuerle, M. Lenardo, J. W. Pierce, and D. Baltimore     789

Transcriptional Regulation of Interferon-stimulated Genes: A DNA Response Element and Induced Proteins That Recognize It D. Levy, N. Reich, D. Kessler, R. Pine, and J. E. Darnell, Jr.     799

Steroid Hormone Receptors

Ligand-regulated Nonspecific Inactivation of Receptor Function: A Versatile Mecha nism for Signal Transduction K. R. Yamamoto, P. J. Godowski, and D. Picard    803

Cooperative and Positional Independent trans-Activation Domains of the Human Glucocorticoid Receptor R. M. Evans and S. M. Hollenberg     813

Expression and Function of the Human Estrogen Receptor in Yeast J. H. White, D. Metzger, and P. Chambon    819

Cooperative Interactions of Steroid Hormone Receptors with Their Cognate Response Elements M. -J. Tsai, S. Y. Tsai, L. Klein-Hitpass, M. Bagchi, J. F. Elliston, J. Carlstedt-Duke, J. K. Gustafsson, and B. W. O'Malley     829

Cooperative Action of the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Transcription Factors U. Strähle, A. Münsterberg, R. Mestril, G. Klock, W. Ankenbauer, W. Schmid, and G. Schiitz    835

Growth Control in Mammalian Cells

Anti-oncogenes and the Negative Regulation of Cell Growth J. M. Horowitz, S. H. Friend, R. A. Weinberg, P. Whyte, K. Buchkovich, and E. Harlow    843

Interaction of ras p21 Proteins with GTPase Activating Protein F. McCormick, H. Adari, M. Trahey, R. Halenbeck, K. Koths, G. A. Martin, W. Crosier, K. Watt, B. Rubinfeld and G. Wong    849

Analysis of Mammalian ras Effector Function A. Hall, C. Calés, J. F. Hancock, A. Lloyd, A. Self, S. Gardener, M. D. Houslay, M. J. O. Wakelam, and C. J. Marshall     855

Structure/Function Studies of the ras Protein I. S. Sigal, M. S. Marshall, M. D. Schaber, U. S. Vogel, E. M. Scolnick, and J. B. Gibbs    863

Critical Role of Cellular ras Proteins in Proliferative Signal Transduction D. W Stacey, M.-H. Tsai, C.-L. Yu, and J. K. Smith    871

Influence of p2lras on Phosphatidylinositol Turnover J. Downward and R. A. Weinberg 8    883

Genomic Response to Growth Factors D. Nathans, L. F. Lau, B. Christy, S. Hartzell, Y. Nakabeppu, and K. Ryder    893

Identification of Growth-factor-inducible Genes in Mouse Fibroblasts R. Bravo, M. Zerial, L. Toschi, M. Schurmann, R. Muller, S. I. Hirai, M. Yaniv, J. M. Almendral, and R.-P. Ryseck    901

Characterization of p47gag-crk, a Novel Oncogene Product with Sequence Similarity to a Putative Modulatory Domain of Protein-Tyrosine Kinases and Phospholipase C. B. J. Mayer, M. Hamaguchi, and H. Hanafusa    907

Phospholipase C-148: Chromosomal Location and Deletion Mapping of Functional Domains A. Bristol, S. M. Hall, R. W. Kriz, M. L. Stahl, Y. S. Fan, M. G. Byers, R. L. Eddy, T. B. Shows, and J. L. Knopf     915

Primary Structure of PLC-154 M. Katan, R. W. Kriz, N. Tony, R. Phi Ip, E. Meldrum, R. A. Aldape, J. Knopf, and P. J. Parker     921

Second Messenger Systems

Inositol Trisphosphate and Calcium Signaling M. J. Berridge and C. W. Taylor    927

Agonist-induced Calcium Oscillations in Depolarized Fibroblasts and Their Manipula- tion by Photoreleased Ins(1,4,5)P3, Ca++, and Ca++ Buffer A. T. Harootunian, J. P. Y. Kao, and R. Y. Tsien    935

Signal Transduction in Mitogenesis: Further Evidence for Multiple Pathways E. Rozengurt, J. Erusalimsky, H. Mehmet, C. Morris, E. Ndnberg, and J. Sinnett- Smith    945

Role of Glycosyl Phosphoinositides in Insulin Action A. R. Saltiel, D. G. Osterman, and J. C. Darnell    955

Insulin Mediators: Structure and Formation J. Lamer, L. C. Huang, G. Tang, S. Suzuki, C. F. W. Schwartz, G. Romero, Z. Roulidis, K. Zeller, T. Y. Shen, A. S. Oswald, and L. Luttrell    965

Gram-negative Endotoxin: A Biologically Active Lipid C. R. H. Raetz, K. A. Brozek, T. Clementz, J. D. Coleman, S. M. Galloway, D. T. Golenbock, and R. Y. Hampton     973

GTP-binding Proteins in the Control of Exocytosis B. D. Gomperts and P. E. R. Tatham    983

The Membrane Form of Guanylate Cyclase D. L. Garbers, D. G. Lowe, L. J. Dangott, M. Chinkers, D. S. Thorpe, J. K. Bentley, C. S. Ramarao, D. V. Goeddel, and S. Singh     993

Effects of Nitrovasodilators, Endothelium-dependent Vasodilators, and Atrial Peptides on cGMP F. Murad, D. Leitman, S. Waldman, C.-H. Chang, M. Hirata, and K. Kohse     1005

Molecular Cloning of the Growth-factor-activatable Human Na+/H+ Antiporter C. Sardet, A. Franchi, and J. Pouysségur    1101


Summary: Signals Past, Present, and Future H.R. Bourne    1019